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Attempts at Lomography October 22, 2008

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I’m a newbie and I know I still have a lot to learn…

Just wanted to share some of my first shots from my Holga 135 and Fisheye2 cams. I took these using expired color films (learned it from one of the online forums)… but heck, I misunderstood… according to Jed (my lomo guru *wink*), I should have used expired SLIDE films (box says “chrome” instead of “color”). I can also have it developed using C-41 chemicals instead of the usual E-6… voila.. Cross Processing!   hmmm.. I’ll try that in my next lomo sessions. 😉

By the way, I definitely need a flash for my Holga.. which one can you suggest, Colorsplash Flash? Ringflash? and what’s this Holga Filter set? 

Hope I can shoot better pics in our Aussie trip next month 🙂 Would love to hear more tips. Thanks!

Ciao! 🙂


Eiffel Tower lights at night... Taken under the Eiffel while turning around.. Whewww, this made me dizzy! 🙂


A beautiful accident... double exposure


An alley in Stockholm

"Panis" in Filipino means "spoiled food"... hehe how cute 🙂

Eiffel thru Fisheye


4 Responses to “Attempts at Lomography”

  1. Clarisse Says:

    TEENJ…YO! heeehee. it’s easy to set up paypal. it will ask for a creditcard number. if you don’t want to use that, set up a debit account. they accept debit card as long as there’s visa master…and i don’t know what else logo. but it’s easy. then people can pay you in paypal, it can hold your money for you like a purse. you can apply a paypal debit card so you can use the money right away or initiate the transfer to your savings/debit account that’s registered with it. when it comes to monetizing the blog, try http://www.smorty.com, http://www.blogsvertise.com, http://www.payperpost.com…so far, sila yung tried ko na nagbabayad mabilis!

  2. filmfish Says:

    cool double exposure 😀 don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it, just keep on shooting .

  3. Hello, Im doing a report about lomografy and I was wondering if I could use your picture from Eiffel Tower. Could you send me an e-mail saying yes or no? Use redacao@contemporaneamagazine.com.br

  4. findmeabreak Says:

    Love your photos! ‘ve been wanting to own one.. it’s just so hard to maintain 😦

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