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A Housewife’s Struggle with Bird Phobia :-O October 24, 2008

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(Cartoons edited from http://www.toondoo.com and sketchedout.wordpress.com - hope they wouldn't mind coz it would be too gross if I put actual pics to illustrate hehe)

I used to love birds…  In fact, when I was still a kid, I used to have lovebirds as pets.. until I had some really appalling experiences which led me to have this hounding fear of birds… especially dead ones. I’m actually tempted to enumerate those experiences but on second thought, I don’t want my readers to turn into ornithophobic themselves. Hehehe…


I was relieved to read online that there are other people suffering from the same fear.  I am so terrified of dead birds that I always jump whenever I “THINK” I see one (even had nightmares before). My hubby says its all in my mind coz 100% of the time, what I thought was a dead bird was never one (unless he just didn’t wanna tell me). For some reason, I’ve had a lot of encounters with dead birds (like bird falling on our windshield, twice!!! Good thing I wasn’t with my husband in the car when it happened the 3rd time! And that happened both in Philippines and Dubai).


And now that I’m married – and cooking everyday – it got worse… It became quite a struggle for me to cook chicken (weird huh..) after buying a frozen chicken which still had some bits of feathers left… To me, a chicken with some feathers makes it look more like a dead bird rather than a “main course”. When I saw it, I was alone in our apartment and I really felt like crying, but I had no choice but to cook our dinner.  It was so nasty that I wrapped my hands in plastic bags coz I couldn’t touch it.. ughh.. After that, I couldn’t eat chicken for days… We started buying skinless chicken in the grocery but that didn’t really make my chickenholic hubby very happy, hehe. Now, I have my husband inspect first if the chicken is totally clean before I even touch it. It’s his job to pluck the tiniest bit of feather left, harharhar… and I hardly eat chicken skin now… 😛


Here in Dubai, it irritates me that I see so many feathers around! Bird feathers on the streets, sidewalks, everywhere! So I always have to be extra careful when walking, lest I see or – God forbid! – step on a dead bird somewhere. It’s common here for PEOPLE to suffer from hairfall due to the quality of water and the climate…  but it’s quite surprising that birds suffer from falling feathers too. hehe. 


Anyway, I researched online, and the cure for this seems to be only thru hypnosis… Well I guess I’m not yet in such a bad state to go through that… no… uhmm… Am I? Hmm… 😛


2 Responses to “A Housewife’s Struggle with Bird Phobia :-O”

  1. Clarisse Says:

    halu! trins! i sent you AX sunglasses through Peewee. sent the ruby lens for RJ’s Oakleys too! Hope he still wants them! Hey, I got na the $$ inside the envelope in the pocket of the laptop bag. I just got it last night. Peewee was here and Peter too! Yes, Peter Ciabal Pete Bro!!! We had dinner here in our house last night and Lisse and Roy came too. hahaha. miss you much! Have fun with the feathers. I’m not scared of chicken meat. But I also hate dead birds. And dead fishes. HAHAHA. I found small one in between squids I was cleaning. I couldn’t touch it! Reminds me of the dead fish in our aquarium hahaha

  2. C Says:

    Try N.L.P. Rewire your brain.
    If done right, you might actually laugh your phobia off and see it as just something silly.

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