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Welcome to my world! My happiness.. my favorite things… my travels… my journey… My life. :) I’m a rookie housewife in Dubai- trying to be a domestic goddess! “JOIE DE VIVRE” – (FRENCH for joie, “joy”; de, “of”; vivre, “living”; “THE JOY OF LIVING”) is a term sometimes imported into English to express a cheerful enjoyment of life; an exultation of spirit. Joie de vivre, as one scholar has written, can be a: JOY OF CONVERSATION, JOY OF EATING, JOY OF ANYTHING ONE MIGHT DO…

Moving to a new blogsite… for the last time I hope! :) November 3, 2008

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    Sheeesh, I decided to change my blog URL for the simple reason that my blogname’s too hard to  

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    So please do me a favor… please see me at http://ketchupplease.wordpress.com 🙂 If you can link    

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Cheated… Confessed…. Rewarded?

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Last night, I reminisced with a friend and realized that I MUST document my priceless memories and personal anecdotes… Here’s my first one:

I was a Sophomore in high school and one day, our class was given a surprise exam based on a story that we were assigned to read. Problem is, we didn’t do our homework! How on earth were we supposed to answer the questions if we hadn’t read the story in the first place?!

We all panicked.  Fortunately, “Ms. G”, our teacher, left the class briefly to go to the restroom. We instantly grabbed our books and copied the answers. Alas! We were too busy looking up the answers that we didn’t notice Ms. G watching us from across the room.  She stormed into our classroom and threw a fit… she was so angry, outraged… “monstrously MAD” if there’s such a word!!! She was yelling at the top of her lungs and gave us a very long sermon.


Then she screamed:



Well, I’m basically an honest person and after a while, my conscience was bothering me… so I gathered my wits and stood up, confident that my other classmates would follow my lead.


To my horror, nobody else stood up!!! And there I was, the only one standing up in the middle of about 50 students… the only one who admitted to cheating. You can just imagine how embarassed and scared I felt!


And then my teacher said…

     “Very good, Trina. I give you a PERFECT SCORE for your honesty. All the rest of you will   get zero.”


Wow. Unbelievable huh? It’s been 15 years since this happened, and it’s so enlightening to think about it now. Back then, I had a different perspective. But now, reminiscing about this makes me feel so good about being honest, courageous, and morally upright.


At 14 years old, I stood up… and it made all the difference.

Or shall I say… I MADE A DIFFERENCE.