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Gold Fever in Dubai October 20, 2008

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¬†Dubai is damn rich and overflowing with gold… ūüėČ


 24K PURE GOLD VEST                

 Р70,000 pcs of 24k gold links,       5,064 grams
 Р304 pcs of flowers and butterflies made with 21.6  karat gold with diamonds
 Р53.42 carats diamonds
 Р35 people involved in design    and manufacturing
 Р6 months creation time 

¬†¬†(Being sold at PRIMA Gold, Mall ¬† ¬†of Emirates… like duh? hehe)












Surrounded by so much  gold and diamonds at the  Gold Souk!

¬†(The reason why I’m ¬†thinking of looking for ¬†work here in Dubai – so I ¬†can shop at the Gold Souk! ¬†haha!)













Dubai is a super wonderful place… The constructions are unbelievable… seems like they just wanna be the BEST in everything! I just haven’t taken a lot of pics yet. Will post more pics next time…¬†

But let me share with you this interesting piece of info:

A full tank of gas here (for a 2007 Honda Civic) costs about 600 pesos (US $12.50). Ain’t that neat? ūüėČ