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Attempts at Lomography October 22, 2008

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I’m a newbie and I know I still have a lot to learn…

Just wanted to share some of my first shots from my Holga 135 and Fisheye2 cams. I took these using expired color films (learned it from one of the online forums)… but heck, I misunderstood… according to Jed (my lomo guru *wink*), I should have used expired SLIDE films (box says “chrome” instead of “color”). I can also have it developed using C-41 chemicals instead of the usual E-6… voila.. Cross Processing!   hmmm.. I’ll try that in my next lomo sessions. 😉

By the way, I definitely need a flash for my Holga.. which one can you suggest, Colorsplash Flash? Ringflash? and what’s this Holga Filter set? 

Hope I can shoot better pics in our Aussie trip next month 🙂 Would love to hear more tips. Thanks!

Ciao! 🙂


Eiffel Tower lights at night... Taken under the Eiffel while turning around.. Whewww, this made me dizzy! 🙂


A beautiful accident... double exposure


An alley in Stockholm

"Panis" in Filipino means "spoiled food"... hehe how cute 🙂

Eiffel thru Fisheye


Holga Disaster September 12, 2008

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Ok, I learned a very important lesson today…

Read instructions carefully, word by word… check – and recheck –  if you have understood it clearly until there’s no more room for error.

I mentioned before that it’s my first time to use the Holga 135, and I wanted to share some lomo pics from Helsinki… well, goodbye to my Helsinki shots… the whole roll was exposed… each and every shot I lovingly took… all because my hubby and I overlooked one important word — “bottom”.

The instruction said: Push and Hold the Rewind Button on the bottom of the camera. Spin the rewind crank clockwise until you feel the tension drop off.

There was a rewind crank on top (so we thought that was it!) and yes, we felt a tension while rewinding so we thought we were doing it right. And then there was no tension anymore… we opened the camera… it was too late when we found out that we had actually forced the film to snap out of the roll, exposed under our bright cabin lights… darn… 😦

I badly wanted to see those shots… they were supposed to be my “baby” shots… 36 wonderful Helsinki moments down the drain. Shucks.